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Review of the Gemini Electronic Die Cutter: Do You Need One?

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I have had a Gemini Die Cutter since it was first released in the US about 2(?) years ago. I use it almost everyday and it has worked well for me, but I don’t think it is a necessity for every person. However, if you are interested in an electronic die cutting machine, I think this is a great option and there don’t seem to be too many reviews out there on it. So, I tested the Gemini with a variety of dies, papers, fabric, felt, etc. to show how well it actually cuts and embosses and I sprinkle in a few tips from my experience owning it. For all of the details of the tests, please click the video link. My review summary is below.

NOTE: The opinions expressed are my own and based on my individual experience with the Gemini Electronic Die Cutter. While I hope my views are helpful, you will need to determine your own opinion of this product based on your own needs. Thanks!

Gemini Die Cutting Machine Pros

Gemini Die Cutting Machine Cons

My Review Summary

I think the Gemini is a great machine. It does almost everything I need it to as a papercrafter and I haven’t had any problems with the motor in the time I have owned it (although some people have reported this issue). Occasionally it can get stuck cycling the motor if I pull the plates out without using the back up feature, but I just turn it off and turn it back on to reset it. It has gotten more expensive since I originally purchased mine and because of that I would say that it is only worth it if you are a frequent crafter who uses a lot of thin dies, especially intricate ones, and hand cranking them through a die cutter is tiring or you have arthritis in your hands. In those cases, having an electronic die cutter is a great investment and this one, in my experience, is really wonderful. That said, however, I would look for a sale or a better deal on it than paying the full retail price and you might consider the Gemini Junior instead if the smaller size will work for you (links to retailers below for your reference).

But if you don’t use die cuts that often or maybe only to cut out stamped images, I think your money may be better spent on a Scan N Cut 2 to cut out stamped images (since the prices are somewhat similar) or stick with a less expensive hand crank machine like a Big Shot. If you use a lot of thicker dies, I would absolutely suggest purchasing or keeping a compatible machine like the Big Shot since the Gemini only works with thin dies. When I purchased my Gemini, I sold my Big Shot and honestly, have regretted it ever since. There are times where I want to use a thicker die or even just hand crank something quickly, so I really wish I had kept that machine too even though I own the Gemini.

My bottom line opinion is… if you are going to have only one die cutter I would say get a Big Shot unless you really need an electronic die cutter. In that case, the Gemini is a really great quality solution for you and I highly recommend it based on my own experience with it! But, the decision is ultimately yours based on your own needs. However I hope I may have helped provide some insight into the pros and cons of the Gemini for you.

What do you think? Is an electronic die cutter a necessity or a luxury? Would you purchase one or maybe get a digital cutter instead like a Sihouette or Scan N Cut? I’d love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you may have so leave me a comment!

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  1. Nancyschutx says:

    I am considering the a Gemini, however the way you die cut a stamped image seems difficult. Are you able to reverse the order so the image is up rather down on the die?

    1. elenaa3 says:

      Feel free to flip it over. I tape my die around stamped images to keep them in place – that’s how I flip them, but if it’s easier to cut them facing down for you, absolutely do so.

  2. Nancyschutx says:

    Do you always have to layer the die up? How does this work when cutting a stamped. Image?

    1. elenaa3 says:

      You don’t have to cut everything face up. It’s just a personal preference of mine to cut that way. Feel free to flip the plate sandwich the other way so you are cutting down into a cutting plate instead of up.

  3. thank you for the details of the machine and the testing with various materials. i am in the research of investing this machine. i am always the big shot user, am thinking of buying this ‘fancy’ , no hand cranking , luxury tool, your website and video helps a lot in making the decision. the only concern is the cutting plates, it seems complicated but i am sure it would be getting used to it. happy crafting.

    1. elenaa3 says:

      Thanks Amy! The cutting plates aren’t too complicated. Once you’ve used it a couple of times, you will get the hang of it. If you get a Gemini, keep your BigShot too. I was sad that I got rid of mine because the Gemini can’t take the thicker steel rule die plates like the Big Shot. Just a suggestions. I’m glad my review was helpful!

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