Halloween Cards with Spider Web SVGs

Quick & Easy Halloween Cards with Spider Web SVGs

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I’ve been designing SVG files lately to use with my Scan N Cut DX electronic cutting machine and am loving it. So, I decided to share another SVG file with all of you. If you need to make some very quick but fun Halloween cards at the last minute, this is the easiest way to do that! The SVG file from this tutorial includes the slimline card front (3.75″ x 9″), 4 spiders (2 small and 2 large), the word “Happy”, the shadow layer for Happy, a banner that cuts out the word “Halloween” (8″ x .75″) and an A2-sized card front. The SVG is now available in my Etsy shop here. The FREE offer was valid until October 31, 2020 – it has now expired. All you will need in addition to the SVG is an electronic cutter that works with SVGs like a Scan N Cut, Cricut or Silhouette (and others), some cardstock in Halloween colors, a few sequins and adhesive. Putting the cards together is really easy so follow along with the video below or scroll down for step-by-step photos. The result? Quick & easy Halloween cards that feature spiders and spider webs. Cute and fun!

Please check out the video tutorial below or scroll down for step-by-step instructions with photos:


Halloween Card with Spider Webs - Step OneStep One – Cut out the Elements from the SVG File 

Use whatever electronic cutting machine you have to cut out the slimline card front piece (or both card front pieces if you so desire), 2 of the spiders (1 small, 1 large), and the greetings from brightly colored cardstock. I used Gina K Designs cardstock in Tangerine Twist, Black Onyx, Key Lime and Wild Lilac. The spiders are cut from black glitter paper and Slate cardstock. Create a slimline card base by cutting a piece of orange cardstock to 7.5″ x 9″ and folding in half (card front will be 3.75″ x 9″). Cut a piece of purple cardstock to back the letters in the Halloween banner to .75″ x 7″.

Halloween Card with Spider Webs - Step 2Step Two – Adhere the Large Card Pieces

Add small dots of liquid adhesive to the back of the slimline spider web card front, flip over and adhere to the front of the orange slimline card base. Adhere the green Halloween banner on top of the piece of purple cardstock from Step 1 so the Halloween letters show as purple on the banner. Adhere the center of the “o” and the middle of the top of the “A” into the respective letters. Finally, adhere the letters that spell “Happy” on top of the shadow layer. Set aside to dry.

Step Three – Give the Spiders Dimension

Halloween Card with Spider Webs - Step 3
The Spiders after shading is applied

Use a dark gray marker to add some shading and dimension to the spider die cuts. Color a line right along the edge of the legs where they meet the body of the spider. Then add a line of shading to the lower edge of each of the spider’s legs. Draw a shadow line around the back of the spider’s head in a circular shape to help separate the head from the body. Finally, draw some squiggly lines on the spider’s body for decoration. Color the second spider the same way. Add dots of black liquid drops to each spider’s head for eyes. I added 2 eyes but you could add the anatomically correct 8 eyes if you prefer. Add a mouth with the marker, if you like. Set aside for the eye drops to dry.

Halloween Card with Spider Webs - Step 4Step Four – Assemble the Halloween Card

Adhere the Halloween word banner horizontally across the lower portion of the slimline card base. Cut some small pieces of black foam tape and adhere them behind the spider bodies. Curve the spider legs down slightly with your fingers and bend back small pieces at the ends of the legs to create foot pads. Add liquid adhesive to just the foot pads. Flip the spider over and adhere to the card front above the Halloween banner in each corner as shown in the pictures. The spiders will have some dimension from the foam tape on the bodies and the feet adhering directly to the card front. Finally, use adhesive to glue the layered Happy in between the spiders and centered above the Halloween banner.

Halloween Card with Spider Webs - Step 5
The completed card with sequins added

Step Five – Embellish the Halloween Card

For a finishing touch and some Halloween sparkle, adhere purple, green and gold sequins to the card front spreading the different colors around in a pleasing design. Enjoy!





Slimline Halloween Card with Spider Web SVGs

Slimline Halloween Card with Spider Web SVGs - Detail
Slimline Card Spider Detail
A2-Sized Halloween Card with Spider Web SVGs
A2-Sized Version of the Card

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Spider Web Card Fronts SVG, PNG & Brother Scan & Cut Files – No Longer Available for free – offer ended October 31, 2020. Now you can get it in my Etsy shop by clicking here. 

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  1. Why would I get this email with this Halloween card and says free download. When I open it says the download is only free until 10.31.20?

    1. elenaa3 says:

      Hi! If you are on my email list, you did receive an email on Monday with a link to the video from last year (that says the file is no longer available, as I explained in the email) AND a direct link to the SVG file. Did you click the second link in the email to get the file or only the video link? This blog post, like the video, only gave the SVG away for a limited time. Since I am only re-releasing it to my email subscribers, you need to click the file link in the actual email to download it; the download starts automatically when you click it so check your Downloads folder if it seems like nothing happened. Let me know if you have any additional problems accessing it. You can just reply to the email with questions. Thanks! – Elena

  2. I’m disappointed that none of the files listed in the email are free. I tried both spider cards.

    1. elenaa3 says:

      Hi Pat,
      If you read the email as well as this post carefully, it say that the only free one as of 2023 is the Halloween word collage that you can find in the Resource Library. I noted that one in the list. The other older projects are now available in my Etsy store and I provided a coupon code to give you 50% off. This file was free for 30 days back in 2020 when it was first posted but not since then. The link to it in my Etsy shop is here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1187871337/spider-web-card-fronts-digital-files-for?click_key=6a94daefada933a691c3a874a6a857d6da2d1308%3A1187871337&click_sum=6d689caf&ref=shop_home_active_4 and the coupon code is HALLOWEEN303 (good through October 15, 2023). It will cost you $1 with the coupon.

  3. I haven’t been able to get this either.

    1. elenaa3 says:

      Hi Sarah,
      This SVG was free back in 2020 when the post first came out. The expiration date is noted in the post. As I mentioned in the email (if you’re on my list) that the only free one now is the Halloween word collage that is in the Resource Library (I provided the password to the Library in the email). I also gave a coupon code to get 50% off the other files in my Etsy store. The code is HALLOWEEN303 and is good through October 15, 2023. This file will cost you $1 with the coupon code. Here’s the link to the listing: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1187871337/spider-web-card-fronts-digital-files-for?click_key=6a94daefada933a691c3a874a6a857d6da2d1308%3A1187871337&click_sum=6d689caf&ref=shop_home_active_4


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