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– The link may trigger an automatic download of the zipped folder and it may appear as though nothing happens. Please check the DOWNLOADS folder on your device to see if it is there.

-Some cell phones and tablets do not like to download and/or open zipped folders. You may need to download the zipped version on to a computer first, unzip/extract the files in it and then transfer the unzipped files to your mobile device if desired

-If you encounter a security message that prevents you from downloading the folder, this is likely being caused by either the anti-virus or firewall software installed on your computer. You will need to temporarily disable this software to download the folder and then re-enable it. Some anti-virus programs don’t like zipped folders and that is often the cause of the problem.

-If you don’t have a program installed on your computer to open SVGs (like Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator), you may not be able to double click on it to open it. You will need to upload/open the SVG file in Cricut Design Space, Silhouette Studio, Brother Canvas Workspace or whatever program you use to work with SVG files in order to see it. There is a PNG version of the file that you should be able to simply double click to open and see what is in the file.

-Your computer may also change the file type to something other than SVG if you don’t have a program installed on your computer to open SVGs (like Inkscape or Illustrator). So it may look like a Microsoft Edge file (PCs only), an HTML file, a web page or an IMG file. This is the SVG file. Your computer is uncertain how to categorize it because it doesn’t have a programs designated to open the SVG file type so is using the program that seems like the most likely to be able to open the file and that is why you are seeing that happen.

-When all else fails, feel free to email me at to request the folder. Thanks!

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