Foil Quill Easter Card with the ScanNCut DX

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How do you use foil with the ScanNCut? There are two options – the Brother Foil Transfer Kit and the We R Memory Keepers Foil Quill. In this tutorial I am taking a close look at and using the Foil Quill with the ScanNCut DX to create a cute Easter card.

The video tutorial below is split into two parts. Part One details the Foil Quill, how to set up a design in Canvas Workspace and then foil it with the ScanNCut DX. Part Two looks at the Universal Pen Holder, drawing with a pen in the ScanNCut DX and the completed card. The written tutorial below includes all steps in one.

PLEASE NOTE: Since it is not a Brother product, using the Foil Quill in your ScanNCut WILL VOID the warranty. You may want to wait until your one year warranty has expired BEFORE trying the Foil Quill in your machine. 

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Please check out the video tutorials below or scroll down for instructions with photos:

Import the Foil Design into Canvas Workspace

The first step is to open the image you want to use for foiling in Canvas Workspace. I am using the Easter Bunny Wreath SVG file I purchased from (the file is linked below in the Supply List).

To open it, I navigate to the left tool bar and click on the SVG icon. This opens a window for my computer structure and I find the correct file, click on it to select it and then click Open. The design opens in Canvas Workspace. There is normally a warning saying that the image has been resized to fit on the mat.

CAnvas Workspace: Initial File Upload
Click to enlarge

Change the Fill Settings in Canvas Workspace

You should notice that the design looks kind of weird. The lines are thick in some spots, the rabbit is half filled in certain areas and it just seems off. This is a common problem when bringing SVGs into Canvas Workspace.

To fix this, click and drag to select the entire design. Then navigate to the Properties tab on the right tool bar; it is the first icon and looks like a paintbrush.

Canvas Workspace: Properties Tab Icon
Click to enlarge

Under Color, click on the checkerboard box next to Line. This will open the color options for the lines in the design. Click on black to change the lines from transparent to black.

Canvas Workspace: Fill Color Choices
Click to enlarge

Now click on the black box next to Fill. This time click on the transparent color to change the fill from black to transparent. Now the image should look much better and like a line drawing.

Canvas Workspace: Fill Changed
Click to enlarge

Resize the Design in Canvas Workspace

The image comes into Canvas as large as possible so it fills the entire mat. Since I am making a card with this Easter wreath, I will resize it down.

To do this, click on the Edit icon on the right tool bar; it looks like a white square with a cursor in front of it. The Edit tab will open and near the top you’ll see the Width and Height boxes with the current size shown (around 11.6″). Make sure that the Maintain Aspect Ratio box is checked and change the Width to 3.5″.

Canvas Workspace: Resize Image
Click to enalrge

The entire image will shrink down proportionally and be a much better size for the front of a card.

Canvas Workspace: After Image Resized
Click to enlarge

Once resized, I click and drag to select everything and shift the design on the mat to be about 1″ down and 1″ over from the left side just to give the design some space around it on all sides for the foil to overlap.

Change all Layers to Draw in Canvas Workspace

To use the Foil Quill with the ScanNCut machine, you need to set any design you plan to use with it to Draw instead of Cut. In Canvas Workspace, the default setting is always Cut so I need to change all of the layers to Draw instead. There are two ways to do this.

First, click and drag to select all of the elements in the design. Now click on the Layers icon on the right toolbar; it looks like a stack of papers. On the Layers panel you should see a small knife blade icon on the left side of each layer. If you roll over it, you will see the word “Cut” appear. Click on the knife icon to bring up a dropdown menu and choose Draw. Now the icon changes to a pen nib. This changes that one layer to Draw and you need to repeat this step for every layer, but there is an easier way (below).

Canvas Workspace: Change Layer to Draw
Click to enlarge

The other and faster way to change all the layers to Draw is to click and drag to select all of them. Then open the Properties panel from the right toolbar. Under Operation, click on the dropdown menu and select Draw. This will change all of the selected layers to Draw layers at one time.  Faster, right?

CAnvas Workspace: Change All Layers to Draw
Click to enalrge

Hide the Easter Eggs in Canvas Workspace

Since I can’t be simple and just foil the entire design (too plain for me but I always have to go down the hard road…lol), I need to hide any layers that I don’t want foiled before sending the design to the ScanNCut DX.

I have to Hide them because the ScanNCut can’t distinguish between different Draw types if all the layers are set to Draw. It just thinks it needs to Draw everything at once.

Canvas Workspace: All Layers Set to Draw
Click to enlarge

To hide the Easter eggs, which I don’t want foiled, I have to hide them by toggling their visibility to Off. To do this, click on the eye icon on the right side of the eggs layer. When you click on it, the eye disappears as do the eggs. They are now “hidden” and can’t be exported to the machine.

Canvas Workspace: Toggle Layer Visibility
Click to enalrge

Group the Layers

Click and drag to select all of the remaining layers. Navigate over to the Layers panel, right click and choose Group. For whatever reason, you have to be over the Layers panel in order to do this. It doesn’t work if you just right click and choose Group while on the mat – not sure why. An overall Group layer will appear at the top and all layers of the design except the eggs will now be a part of this Group.

Canvas Workspace: Group All Layers
Click to enalrge

It is important to do this BEFORE sending it to the machine so if you need to reposition the design once it is in the machine, it can be done as one complete design rather than several different layers. It is MUCH easier to do this first, believe me. Guess how I know? Lol!

Export FCM File to Machine

Navigate to the File menu in the upper left of the screen and click on it to bring up the dropdown menu. Click on Export/Transfer FCM file.

Canvas Workspace: Export FCM File
Click to enlarge

A warning box will appear telling you hidden objects won’t be exported (good!) and tiny objects are removed from the design (doesn’t matter for this design) before export. Then the method of export box appears.

Depending on how you want to get the file to your ScanNCut, choose the appropriate icon. The file folder is for saving the file to a thumb drive and then putting the thumb drive into the ScanNCut to retrieve the file. The middle choice is for a wireless Internet connection. The third option should be used if your ScanNCut is connected to your computer with a USB cable. I used wireless Internet to transfer my design.

Canvas Workspace: Options to Transfer File to Machine
Click to enalrge

A box will appear that says the machine is ready to retrieve the file. Go to your machine.

Retrieve the Design File on the ScanNCut DX

On the Home screen of your ScanNCut, click on Retrieve. The machine will think a minute and then the Easter wreath design will appear on the mat on the screen.

ScanNCut DX: Transferred File on Screen
Click to elarge

Heat the Foil Quill

The Foil Quill Kit comes with 3 sizes of foiling quills – small, standard and bold. Each quill is connected to its own USB cord that to use, must be connected to a USB power source for the tip to heat up and then transfer the foil design using heat transfer foil (you get a sample of the foil in the kit). You also get 4 adapters (A – D) so you can use the quills in Brother, Silhouette, Cricut and Sizzix machines.

WRMK Foil Quill Kit Contents
Foil Quill Kit Contents

The kit also comes with a small metal heat shield that is meant to be placed under the tip of the quill after it is in your machine while it is heating up. It protects the machine from getting too much heat from the foil quill while it heats up and possibly melting or scorching the machine.

The ScanNCut DX has a bulky carriage that makes placement of the Heat Shield tough to see, so I don’t use the Heat Shield with my DX.

Foil Quill with ScanNCut DX: Heat Shield
Click to enlarge

instead, I heat up the Foil Quill on a silicone mat first (mat does not come in the kit) and then install it in the machine. I first screw the B adapter (B for Brother) on to the Standard Quill (green), connect it to a portable USB power source and then set it on the silicone mat for five minutes so it can heat up.

Foil Quill with ScanNCut DX: Foil Quill Heating Up


Adhere Foil to Cardstock

While the quill heats up, it is a good time to get the foil on the card stock. It is important that the foil be as flat and smooth as possible. In the kit you will get a small roll of washi tape to tape the foil to the surface you will be foiling on for this purpose.

I cut the gold foil down to size (roughly 4″ x 5″) and place it down, shiny side up, on Gina K Designs white card stock.

ScanNCut DX with Foil Quill: Foil Before Taping
Click to enlarge

To adhere it to the card stock, I use a piece of washi tape and overlap one edge of the foil and then tape it down to the card stock. I then take another piece of washi, grab the opposite side of the foil with the tape, pull it taught and then tape the washi down to the cards stock. I repeat the same steps for the remaining two sides until the foil is nice and flat on the card stock.

ScanNCut DX with Foil Quill: Foil After Taping
Click to enlarge

Load the Mat into the ScanNCut DX

Press the card stock with the foil attached on to a Standard mat, making sure to cover the area where the design was on the mat (or get as close as you can) in Canvas Workspace (about 1″ down and 1″ over from the left).

ScanNCut DX with Foil Quill: Foil & Cardstock On Mat
Click to enlarge

Load the mat with card stock into the ScanNCut machine by lining the mat up with the feeder marks, pressing it lightly against the wheels and pressing the Load Mat button.

ScanNCut DX with Foil Quill: Load Mat
Click to enlarge

Install the Foil Quill into the ScanNCut DX

The Foil Quill should be heated up by now. To install it into the ScanNCut DX, lift up on the blade latch and pull the blade housing straight up and out of the carriage. Set aside.

Keeping it attached to its USB power source, place the Foil Quill with the B on the adapter facing forward and the flat tab at the back down into the blade carriage. Push it down until the adapter rests on the black part of the blade carriage housing.

Foil Quill Installed in ScanNCut DX
Click to enlarge

Move the USB power source and cable out of the way of the mat and carriage. I put mine above on the “shelf” of the machine.

Foil Quill USB Power Pack on ScanNCut DX Shelf
Click to enlarge

Scan the Mat with  the ScanNCut DX

The great thing about the ScanNCut is that I can scan the mat to make sure the design is placed over the material on the mat, so I click on the Scan Mat button on the screen. The machine scans the mat.

ScanNCut DX: Scan the Mat
Click to enlarge

Reposition the Design on the Foil

Once the mat is scanned, the screen will show the mat with the card stock and foil on it behind the Easter wreath image. Check and make sure the wreath is correctly positioned over the foil and not overlapping any of the washi tape. If necessary, click on Edit to reposition the design.

ScanNCut DX: Edit Design Position Button
Click to enlarge

Now click on the four arrows key to move the design.

ScanNCut DX: Edit Arrows Key
Click to enlarge

Click on the magnifying glass to zoom in. To move the design, click on the arrows on the upper part of the screen to move the design over and down. This can take a while. If you need to see the mat further down or up from where you are, click on the up or down arrows on the bottom half of the screen.

ScanNCut DX: Repositioning Arrows
Click to enalrge

Once the design is repositioned, click OK several times until you reach the Please Select Screen

ScanNCut DX: Please Select to Change Cut Settings
Click to enlarge

Change Cut Setting to Draw on ScanNCut DX

On the ScanNCut screen click on Please Select. Then choose Draw.

ScanNCut DX: Choose Draw
Click to enlarge

Foil the Design with the ScanNCut DX

Click Start on the screen and the ScanNCut will begin to “draw” the design with the Foil Quill. As a result, the design will be heat transferred to the card stock as foil.

ScanNCut DX Drawing with Foil Quill
Click to enlarge

Remove the Foil and Check the Design

When complete, the machine will push the mat forward. Without unloading the mat, remove the washi tape to reveal the foiled design.

ScanNCut DX Completed Foil Design
Click to enlarge

Remove the Foil Quill from the machine by lifting the latch on the blade carriage. Place back on mat and remove USB power bank so the quill will cool down.

Now it’s time to draw the eggs on the card stock so return to Canvas Workspace.

Change the Design in Canvas Workspace

Back in Canvas Workspace, go to the Layers panel on the right side. Toggle the Easter egg layer visibility On by clicking on the box where the eye icon should be. The eye will appear as will the Easter eggs on the mat.

Now, toggle all the other layers Off by clicking on the eye icon on the very top Layer of the group. Now only the eggs should show on the mat.

Canvas Workspace: Toggle Eggs Visibility
Click to enlarge

Export the New FCM File to Machine

Go to File > Export/Transfer FCM File and send it to the machine exactly as you did for the foil design.

Canvas Workspace: Export FCM File
Click to enlarge

Reset ScanNCut DX and Retrieve the Egg Design 

Back over at the ScanNCut machine, click on the Home button. The machine will ask if it’s okay to delete all patterns. Hit OK.

ScanNCut DX: Delete all designs?
Click to enlarge

Click Retrieve on the Home screen. The Easter eggs will now appear on the mat.

ScanNCut DX: Exported File on Screen
Click to enlarge

Scan the Mat Again & Reposition Design

If you didn’t unload your mat, the original scanned mat image of the card stock and foil will be behind it. This needs to be replaced with the current mat showing the foiled wreath instead. So click on the Scan Mat button to scan it again.

When complete, the revised mat will appear with the foiled wreath now showing behind the eggs. As before, use the arrow keys to reposition the design so the eggs are positioned correctly within the wreath design.

ScanNCut DX: Eggs Repositioned Within Wreath
Click to enlarge

Click on OK several times until you return to the Please Select screen. As before, click on Please Select and then choose Draw.

Install the Universal Pen Holder in the ScanNCut DX

Insert the pen you want to draw with into the Universal Pen Holder. Place the Pen Holder in its separate bracket and push the pen down until it touches the base of the bracket. NOTE: If using a material thicker than card stock, place the material on the base and then push the pen down to touch the top of the material rather than the base itself.

ScanNCut Universal Pen Holder
Click to enlarge

Pull up on the gray band on the pen holder and turn it until it fully tightens around the pen. Slot the “teeth” on the gray band into the white slots around the base of the band to lock in the tightened position around the pen.

ScanNCut Universal Pen Holder Tightened to Hold Pen
Click to enlarge

Insert the pen holder into the blade carriage by lifting the latch on the carriage and pushing the pen holder down into the carriage opening. The Brother logo should face forward.

Universal Pen Holder Installed in ScanNCut
Click to enlarge

Draw the Easter Eggs with the ScanNCut DX

Hit Start on the screen and watch the machine draw the Easter egg design on to the card stock.

NOTE: You may want to run a test first to check that the pen is positioned correctly. Please click here to go to a tutorial with details on doing a test draw (about half way down the post under Fig. J).

ScanNCut DX Drawing with Universal Pen Holder
Click to enlarge

Unload the mat when the design is done and remove from the mat by flipping the mat over and peeling it away from the card stock.

Color the Foiled and Drawn Images

Doing this project, I discovered that both the foil and the Cricut pen are resistant to alcohol markers. You can change the color of the foil if you color over it with a dark alcohol marker and the Cricut pen will eventually run if it gets too saturated with the alcohol ink. But if you are careful, alcohol markers work great for coloring this image.

I used my Spectrum Noir alcohol markers in the following colors:

  • For Rabbit: IG1, IG2, IG3, TN9, PP1 and Blender Pen
  • For Eggs and Inside Greeting: TB3, OR2, LG3, CT3, PV2 (greeting only)
Foil Quill Easter Card Coloring Complete
Click to enlarge

Draw, Cut and Color the Sentiment

If desired, download the free SVG file for the Happy Easter sentiment (below) and follow the same steps as above to bring it into Canvas Workspace as a new design. Set it up to Draw the words and Cut the shape. Transfer the file to the machine and then follow the prompts to draw the words and then cut the shape, switching from the Pen Holder to the Autoblade between functions. Color in as shown below:

Foil Quill Easter Card Inside Sentiment
Click to enlarge

Assemble the Card

Die cut out the rabbit and egg wreath using the second largest die in the Elizabeth Craft Designs Dotted Scallop Circles die set.

Create an approx. 4.75″ x 4.5″ card base by die cutting a folded piece of blue card stock with a stitched square die. Maintain the fold in the card by allowing the cut edge of the stitched square die to hang over the top edge of the folded card stock so the fold will not be cut by the die.

Place foam squares behind the die cut wreath and adhere into the front center of the card base. Punch out 4 pink hearts and 1 gold heart from a small heart punch. Adhere 1 each of the pink hearts into each corner of the card base. Add the gold heart to the inside greeting. Adhere the greeting to the inside of the card.

Add coordinating colorful dots of Tonic Nuvo drops to the eggs and around the Easter wreath. Let dry. Enoy!

Foil Quill with ScanNCut DX Completed Easter Card
Click to enalrge

Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment below and I will get back to you soon. Want to just tell me how much you loved this tutorial? Please leave me a comment below – lol!

Foil Quill Easter Card with ScanNCut DX
Click to enlarge


I would also appreciate any ideas you may have for topics to cover related to the software for Cricut (Design Space), Silhouette (Studio) or Brother (Canvas) and any suggestions you may have on projects to make with the Cricut Maker, Cricut Joy, Silhouette Cameo 4 or the Brother Scan N Cut DX. Please leave any requests you have in the comments. I appreciate you taking the time to visit and read my blog. Thanks!


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