How to Add Instant Cool

Add Instant “Cool” To Your Space

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Everyone wants their space to look good, right? And, let’s be honest, we kind of want our space to feel “cool” too. “Cool” means different things to different people. Certainly a teenager’s definition is very different from a senior citizen’s, so depending on your own definition how do you add “cool” to your home, office, etc.?

Urban Industrial Meets Mid-Century Modern

The most visible “cool” trend right now combines a kind of urban industrial feel – think pipes used for shelves, lighting, coffee tables, etc. – with classic mid-century modern-style chairs, tables, art. This is a big trend for millennials and honestly, I love the mid-century modern stuff as a Gen Xer because my parents had a lot of it when I was growing up. I’m personally kind of over the industrial aspect of this style but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate its hip factor. The best thing about this is that it is universal enough to blend with nearly any other style while adding a, you guessed it, “cool” factor to what may be an otherwise traditional or transitional room. Even one piece of furniture or lighting in this style can up your “cool” factor tremendously. Here are some of my picks for April 2019:

Franklin Console Table at Target
Pedestal Table Lamp at west elm
Pedestal Table Lamp at west elm
Gracie oaks Rousillon Bar Cart
Gracie oaks Rousillon Industrial Bar Cart at

Graphic Artworks

Graphic art like vintage inspired posters, colorful & simplified city maps or bold brushstroke & watercolor sayings are just about everywhere these days. Depending on how you add them to your room, they can be an unexpected dash of “cool”. This is a great idea particularly for those on a budget. You can get a bunch of amazing, colorful and graphic artwork at extremely reasonable prices from sites like Etsy, Society6 and Minted. This is a way to add color without going too crazy and also helps support the creative community rather than mass produced chain stores. (I realize Society6 has something of a mass produced aspect but it is giving artist a chance to have their artwork on things they alone wouldn’t be able to make themselves like cell phone cases, t-shirts, mugs, bedding, etc.) You can find pretty much every color from pastels to bolds on these sites and even some graphic coasters can add that unexpected “cool” moment to any room. Some of my favorites for April 2019 (WARNING: colorful language ahead):

St Lucia Travel Poster from
St. Lucia Travel Poster from 2Sistersuk on
Geometry in Colors Pillow by Lulu and Isabelle at
Geometry in Colors Pillow by Lulu and Isabelle at
Pretty Swe*ry Coasters from CynthiaF at Society6
Pretty Swe*ry Coasters from CynthiaF @ Society6

Go Black Sheep Bold

If you have been to my blog before you know that I am a HUGE fan of color and pattern. It can be scary for many people to jump into the world of color but as a black sheep, I am here to give you what may be an over-the-top idea to add “cool” to any room. I personally have a funky and graphic mural painted on one of the walls in my living room, but that is a big commitment. Instead why not consider removable wallpaper or vinyl transfers? They are easy to put up and can be taken down as soon as you get tired of them without damaging the walls (NOTE: there are limitations with super textured walls). You can find some amazingly colorful, or rustic or whimsical patterns and images that will suit any room in a wide variety of sizes. You see this most commonly in nurseries and kid’s room, but why not add a big graphic image to a wall in your dining room? It’s something that most people won’t try so you immediately become cooler just by doing something unique. It’s something us black sheep love to embrace, right? Lol!  Here are a few “cool” wallpapers I like for April 2019:

NewKingStar Sticker Tiles from
NewKingStar Sticker Tiles from
Winston Porter Borba Removable Wallpaper at Wayfair
Winston Porter Borba Oil Painting Field Poppies Removable Wallpaper at
Vinyl REcords Decals Pack from
Vinyl Records Decals mini-Pack from



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