Favorite Tools

Below are my favorite, stalwart tools I use every day. They may not be the latest and greatest but they are the ones I reach for over and over again. I have no idea if they will work for you and make no claims that they will. This information is here just to let you know what tools I use and what toolsI think have been good value for the money for me.

EK Success Honey Bee Teflon Coated Scissors

I use these scissors for every project. I actually own both the teflon coated and the regular type, but in my craft room I always use the teflon coated pair. Its small size and sharp precision blades make fussy cutting easy and the teflon coating resists most sticky things that I have a tendency to get all over everything. The new ones are gray instead of yellow, but they are the same great scissors.

Honey Bee Scissors
Art Anthology Craft Mat

If you have wondered what that tan mat is that covers my wok area in any of my tutorial videos, this would be it. I really love this craft mat! It is 2' x 3' and resists pretty much anything you put on it. I can clean it up with either a baby wipe or an alcohol swab, depending on what I'm getting rid of and in almost every case, it goes back to looking brand new. Now, if I were to let paint or something dry on it, I'm not sure I'd be able to get it off and I have managed to stain it a bit here or there but this mat is extremely reasonably priced for its size and durability.

Art Anthology Craft Mat
ATG Glider
Scotch Pink ATG Gun

I use a lot of different adhesives for various projects, but the one I use the most is my ATG gun. It is easy to use, refillable and pink (perhaps the best part?). The adhesive holds very well, is reasonably priced for the amount you get and lasts a good long time.

Ranger Multi Medium Matte Adhesive
Ranger Multi Medium Matte Adhesive

After my ATG gun, this is the adhesive I use most. It is my definite go-to for adhering sequins, beads or anything non-porous to paper. It is super strong, dries fairly quickly and the matte finish means it virtually disappears once dry so my occasionally messy gluing isn't as obvious to those who receive my cards.

Sizzix Stamper's Secret Weapon

This is a tool that I never thought I would need but once I got it, I am so happy I have it. I'm not a great stamper. I mean, I'm not that bad, but sometimes I can not get a clean image no matter what I do, particularly with solid stamps. Now that clear stamps are the norm, this is especially true and this mat makes a big difference in the quality of the image I get when I stamp with clear stamps. Because it provides the cushion that is built-in to wood mounted and cling mounted stamps but is missing from clear stamps, it helps me get the right leverage to cleanly impress the image on to paper.

Sizzix Stamper's Secret Weapon
Fiskar's Sure Cut Paper Trimmer

This is my go-to paper trimmer. I use it on virtually every project. I really like the wire guide that shows exactly where the blade will cut; knowing exactly where the cut was going to be has been a problem for me in the past. I've heard that the wire eventually frays and breaks, but it hasn't happened to me yet and for the price, I really like this trimmer. Honestly, I've used it so much that if it broke tomorrow I would have gotten my money's worth.

Fiskar's Sure Cut Paper Trimmer


  1. Teena says:

    We have similar tastes is products. I haven’t used my ATG gun on cards since I started selling them because it seemed to lose its bond after awhile. I have to admit I’ve been using a 3rd party brand refill. Maybe you get what you pay for.

    • elenaa3 says:

      So far mine hold up pretty well but I haven’t checked say, a year later. I probably should just in case. I do use the name brand refills so don’t know if that makes a difference(?).

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